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A Family Affair

For Jim Schiro, golf is a way to relax and spend time with family. And that’s why he’s selected the [...]

John Steinbreder April 1 1998

A Feast for the Eyes

As an accomplished player who carries a scratch handicap and has competed in both the U.S. Senior Amateur and British [...]

John Steinbreder December 1 2000

A Perfect Drive

The Preston Trail Golf Club in Dallas, TX, is the course Dick Brooks likes to play the most. And not [...]

John Steinbreder September 1 2000

A River Runs Along It

A 27-handicapper, Bob Fiondella likes the courses at the two Connecticut country clubs at which he is a member and [...]

John Steinbreder October 1 1998

A Thorny Five Par

Like any golfer who has been lucky enough to play Augusta National, Richard Priory considers the site of the annual [...]

John Steinbreder July 1 1999

Alice’s Course

Mention Alice Cooper, and the first image that comes to most people’s minds is of an outrageous rock ‘n roller [...]

John Steinbreder March 1 2000

Amen for Augusta

Fourteen-handicapper Earnest Deavenport goes right to one of the game’s holiest shrines when it comes to selecting his favorite golf [...]

John Steinbreder June 1 1999

Blowing in the Wind

Paul Fireman was a 15-year-old sophomore at Tabor Academy in Marion, MA, when he played the 17th hole at the [...]

John Steinbreder March 1 1999

Bridging Troubled Waters

As head of the world’s leading sports marketing company and the man who represents such golf notables as Arnold Palmer [...]

John Steinbreder December 1 1998

California Golfing

Sir Richard George has to travel a long distance from his home in the United Kingdom to play his favorite [...]

John Steinbreder July 1 2001

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