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Bagging Profits

Freshly picked from GE, Albertson’s top boss Larry Johnston is pushing new ideas. Time will tell if this super marketer’s initiatives ring up.

Jonathan Burton April 1 2002

Goodrich Retread

It makes aircraft landing systems, not tires anymore, but can CEO David Burner remake the stodgy manufacturer’s image on Wall Street?

Jonathan Burton August 1 2001

Bricks and Mortar on the Web

Nobody feels the heat of an upstate New York summer more than a carpenter working on a home, and Carl [...]

Jonathan Burton April 1 2001

Pyott’s Voyage in Lilliput

Shortly after David E. I. Pyott became chief executive of Allergan in January 1998, he asked his direct reports to [...]

Jonathan Burton March 1 2001

The Aart of Chip-Making

When Aart de Geus wants to escape the rigors of running Synopsys, the electronic design automation software leader he co-founded, [...]

Jonathan Burton November 1 2000

Smugglers’ Foe

The dusty truck appeared no different from others idly waiting to cross into Nogales, AZ, from Mexico. At random, Border [...]

Jonathan Burton May 1 1999

Pump up the Volume

Oil prices are scraping the bottom of the barrel, chemicals are in the tank, and the power-plant business is dim, [...]

Jonathan Burton March 1 1999

Up Periscope

Although he’s avidly involved with sports and recreation, Brunswick Corp. Chairman and CEO Peter N. Larson usually shows off his [...]

Jonathan Burton December 1 1998

CEOs and their Willful Scions

What makes the heir of a CEO thumb his nose and walk away?

Jonathan Burton July 1 1998

All Juiced Up

What Daniel Dillon knows about grape juice would fill a tall glass. The CEO of Concord, MA-based Welch’s Foods has [...]

Jonathan Burton May 1 1998

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