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Apocalypse Now?

Small investors fleeing paltry returns on CDs are piling into mutual funds. But if the bull market falters they may panic, perhaps turning a correction into a crash. Want to play the equities market while minimizing risk? Try funds that offer a unique combination of prudence and performance.

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Michael Hirst

Thirty years in the hotel business, and Michael Hirst still worries about getting a good night’s sleep. Not for himself, but for the thousands of guests who check into Hilton International hotels around the world each day. And the chairman and chief executive of the 163-property chain is a demanding customer. “The heart of the hotel has to be service,” ...

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Peter Sontag

When Peter Sontag travels, he often hits the road on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But customers of his company, USTravel, the third-largest travel agency in the U.S., usually ride in higher style-the pampered beneficiaries of Sontag’s customized approach to travel.Want pizza for an in-flight meal? Need an immediate visa for a last-minute trip to China? No problem. A USTravel customer can ...

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Jong-Hyon Chey

Interest-rate cuts; an emphasis on free and fair global trade; less government intervention; the privatization of state industries; support for small business; the liberalization of banking and financial institutions; an end to barriers on foreign investment; and an assault on government corruption.Sounds like a CEO’s wish list. But in South Korea, many business leaders are nervous that these bold reforms ...

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