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Joseph Hardiman

The financial markets have had a somewhat uneven time the last two years, but the Nasdaq Stock Market may be [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1995

William G. Parzybok Jr.

Bill Parzybok suffered only one disappointment when he accomplished the feat of scaling Mt. Rainier two years ago. The guide [...]

Judith Rehak May 1 1995

John Tugwell

John Tugwell decided to give up his Harley-Davidson motorcycle two years ago after a nasty run-in with a pothole. But [...]

Judith Rehak May 1 1995

Peter McCausland

With his boyish face and habitual bow-tie, Peter McCausland, 45, still looks like the young lawyer from Philadelphia‘s Main Line [...]

Judith Rehak May 1 1995

Saying Good Bye to Paper-based Forms

Robert Harbage, chairman and CEO of Uarco, is in shirtsleeves, seated at a table strewn with half-empty coffee cups, and [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1995

Metering the Infobahn

The colorful and oversize paintings that hang in the New York headquarters of Wave Systems are an appropriate metaphor for [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1995

On Slick Marketer

Most folks would see a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon between selling a can of soup and a [...]

Judith Rehak December 1 1995

The Boss Behind Boss

THE BOSS BEHIND BOSSCEOs tend to be a well-dressed lot, but Peter Littmann is more so than most. At a [...]

Judith Rehak November 1 1996

Sealing the Deal

The well-mannered members of the famed Beardstown Ladies’ Investment Club can be a pretty hard-nosed bunch when it comes to [...]

Judith Rehak December 1 1996

Out of The Red and Onto the Net

When William J. White, chairman and CEO of Bell & Howell, met recently with representatives from his company’s banks about [...]

Judith Rehak December 1 1996

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