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Banking On Change

What’s Charles Schwab, the discount brokerage king, doing on the cover of KeyCorp’s 1996 annual report? For that matter, why [...]

Judith Rehak June 1 1997

Bill Hayden

In the best tradition of high-tech folklore, entrepreneur Bill Hayden launched CompuAdd Computer a decade ago with a $15 ad [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1992

Card Shark

A typical Saturday afternoon finds Frank O’Connell browsing the greeting cards displays in retail stores and calling one of his [...]

Judith Rehak May 1 1997

CEO without an Office

James Hackett will never make the list of the 10 toughest bosses in America, and that’s definitely how he wants [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1997

David A. Olsen

David A. Olsen briefly considered a career in architecture during his college days, but it was a fair bet that he [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1992

Dean R. O’Hare

On Kentucky Derby Day, I take a deep breath if none of the horses have died on the track,” says [...]

Judith Rehak January 1 1992

Driver’s Ed

Multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and sporting one of his trademark “lion” ties, Henrich Heitmann, chairman and CEO of BMW (US) Holding Corp., [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1997

Eli Broad

Rumors of Eli Broad’s retirement have proved premature. But he’s getting into the retirement business in a big way. The [...]

Judith Rehak December 1 1993

Family Time

At the Toyota factory in Georgetown, KY, a worker starts the night shift after leaving her son in the homey [...]

Judith Rehak December 1 1997

Glen Hineri

In taking the reins of Owens-Corning Fiberglas two years ago, Glen Hiner faced a tall task. Struggling to pay off [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1994

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