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Kavelle Bajaj

Hackers such as Kevin Mitnick, who earlier this year was arrested for breaking into Motorola’s computer system, strike fear in the hearts of most corporate managers. But to Kavelle Bajaj, these high-tech outlaws are just another business opportunity.Bajaj, 44, is president and founder of I-NET, a $235 million technology firm in Bethesda, MD, that helps organizations network and upgrade computers, ...

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Fred G. Steingraber

Back in 1939, when J.O. McKinsey took a job at Marshall Fields, his fledgling consulting business split in two. McKinsey & Co. in New York courted top executives and cultivated a “blue-chip” clientele, while A.T. Kearney stayed in Chicago, earning a reputation as a “brown-suit” firm that specialized in advising middle managers of manufacturing companies.But these days, Kearney CEO Fred ...

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Mark C. Miller

On the corner of Mark C. Miller’s desk, a papier-mache head fixes visitors with a meditative expression and imposing stare. According to Japanese legend, the figure represents a Buddhist monk named “Daruma” who became so focused on his goal that his body disappeared, leaving only his eyes and mind locked in trance-like concentration.It’s a handy reminder of the attention that ...

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