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Sally C. Pipes

When CEOs lock and load during testimony at legislative and regulatory hearings, it’s Sally Pipes who sometimes provides the ammunition.As [...]

Lorri Grube October 1 1993

Leonard G. Herring

Power ties are out, power tools in. Gucci out, gardening stuff in. On the small screen, “Dallas” is out, and [...]

Lorri Grube May 1 1994

R.M Rickenbach

Rick Rickenbach strides over to a painted backdrop showing the Capitol at night, plants his feet in the painted shoe [...]

Lorri Grube March 1 1995

Communicating in the Magic Kingdom

Holding a mug of tea, Marc Porat pads in stocking feet around his in-laws’ UN Plaza apartment with a postcard [...]

Lorri Grube October 1 1995

Making Room to Grow

The revolving door slides silently, disgorging a slightly built man who leisurely surveys the lobby of the Marriott Financial Center [...]

Lorri Grube December 1 1995

Network Dogfight

Juergen Weber has piloted the Lufthansa Group into profitability, but he’s still playing catch-up with rival British Airways and hoping his global network alliance will be the ticket to success.

Lorri Grube January 1 1996

Automatic Pilot

Seduced by the profits to be made in the newly deregulated airline industry, upstart carriers jammed the skies in the [...]

Lorri Grube June 1 1996

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