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A Catalonian Paris

Every European city boasts its own special artistry and charm. Spain’s Barcelona gives testimony to the traditional culture that was 16th-century Catalonia.

Loyd Grossman November 1 1987


Why was Victor Laszlo so eager to get to Lisbon? Perhaps to quaff some of the world’s finest ports.

Loyd Grossman September 1 1989

Orient Express

Although it relies on modern-day techno ogy, it still retains the mystery and elegance of its 19th century fame.

Loyd Grossman March 1 1989

The 10 Best ‘Champagnes’

All lists of the best are subjective, including this one. Rather than choosing the obvious top vintages, which are either unaffordable or unavailable, CE selects 10 bubblies representing a spectrum of varieties and tastes.

Loyd Grossman November 1 1987

Vistas Da, Food Nyet

Ivan is not so terrible. But don’t go to Leningrad for the food.

Loyd Grossman January 1 1989

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