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Lynn Russo Whylly

JetBlue CEO Marty St. George Talks About the Challenges of Cutting Costs

In a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal, Marty St. George talks about the hard decisions he’s had to make to get JetBlue profitable. Cutting legroom, charging for bags. Analyst reports in the media of these events have hurt the brand’s street cred with customers, but he’s not worried, he tells the Journal. “I think that will be a non-issue once people see ...

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Thorns and Roses: January/February 2015 Issue

THORN: Paranoia festers in an Ecuadorian embassy. Julian Assange has launched an attack on Google, saying the search giant has turned “big and bad,” and characterizing its executive chairman Eric Schmidt as a government agent trying to further U.S. “imperialist” ambitions. The Wikileaks founder, who is under Justice Department criminal investigation for leaking thousands of classified diplomatic cables, lashes out at the Internet giant in his upcoming book. Assange, who has spent the past two years claiming asylum to avoid facing rape accusations, also ...

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Thorns & Roses

THORN By promoting its two presidents to serve as co-chief executives instead of founder and CEO Larry Ellison, is Oracle setting itself a course that has derailed other big companies? The move seemingly marries the product oversight of Mark Hurd, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, with the legal and financial expertise of Safra Catz, a 15-year Oracle veteran. But with Ellison remaining executive chairman and in a position to ...

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