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Lynn Russo Whylly

Fox’s Succession Plan Must Now Begin Again

Will the shareholders of 21st Century Fox be satisfied with Murdoch's appointment of his son as CEO? Will they feel there should have been a broader review process? We have yet to see any response from Fox's board of directors in the media on this appointment. And will activist investors be watching closely for any opportunity to pounce? There is a lot riding on this high risk appointment and it will surely be scrutinized with a microscope over the next several months.

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JetBlue CEO Marty St. George Talks About the Challenges of Cutting Costs

In a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal, Marty St. George talks about the hard decisions he’s had to make to get JetBlue profitable. Cutting legroom, charging for bags. Analyst reports in the media of these events have hurt the brand’s street cred with customers, but he’s not worried, he tells the Journal. “I think that will be a non-issue once people see ...

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