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Lynn Russo Whylly

Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Issues that Affect the Middle Market

Nearly every issue on the presidential election dais today affects companies in the middle market. From the Affordable Care Act to TPP and trade relations to inversions and other tax issues, middle-market CEOs have a lot to be aware of when the new POTUS takes office on January 20th.

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80.8% of Large-Company CEOs Plan to Vote for Trump

Fully 80.8% of CEOs of large firms who responded to Chief Executive’s July survey plan to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, compared with 66.7% for CEOs of upper middle-market firms and 69.0% for lower middle-marketers, with 64.3% of CEOs for small companies saying they'll vote for Trump.

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The Impact of Board Tenure on Company Performance

Increasing board tenure positively effects market-related value, up to and including 9 years. After that, the value of board tenure deteriorates, according to a new research by QMA. The detrimental effect is stronger for high-growth firms.

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