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More Boards Are Focusing on Strategy Today, Survey Says

The number of hours and days that directors dedicate to board work is increasing, according to a recent McKinsey survey. Since 2011, the gap between the number of days directors spent on board work averaged 28 per year, while they wished they would spend about 38 to fulfill their responsibilities. Today, survey results show, directors are spending about 33, sho they are edging close to their ideal amount of days.

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CEOs: Stress Can Raise Your Cholesterol Level


Studies have shown that stress increases cholesterol not only in the short-term but can also affect cholesterol levels even years down the road, according to EverydayHealth.com.

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Weaker Jobs, Foreign Trade and Oil Prices: Now Is a Good Time for CEOs to Reach Out and Reassure Constituents

There are a tremendous amount of numbers in play today as government agencies report everything from labor statistics to wages, the foreign trade deficit, oil prices and interest rates. In an interview with Fox Business, Austan Goolsbee, former Economic Advisor to President Obama, feels that we could be heading toward a possible recession. “I was worried about the Fed moving too quickly ...

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In a Down Market, When is the Right Time to Go Public?

The IPO market has fizzled out. For the last six months, the number of IPOs has been shrinking, and if anyone thought that the market would bounce back in the new year, well, it’s now February and we’re still waiting.

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