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Should You Be Starting or Expanding Your Advisory Board?

Have you held back on growing your business in a specific geographic area or business category because you don’t have any people on hand with expertise in that area? Perhaps you’re looking to innovate and really think outside the box, but your existing staff is coming up with ‘the same old ideas’. Do you know where your customer opportunities lie?

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Treasury Dept.’s New Tax Inversion Rule

The U.S. Treasury Department unveiled measures on Monday to counteract tax-evading acquisitions in which U.S. corporations move offshore, largely for tax benefits. 1. The new rules primarily target companies that are serial inverters — those that complete multiple deals with American companies in a short period. 2. The rule took effect Monday, April 4, so any deal after that date is ...

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Disney CEO Bob Iger’s No. 2 Steps Down

The departure of COO Thomas Staggs, who has only been in the position one year, puts a halt to Disney's CEO succession plans, as Staggs was being groomed for the role. Some reports say the company will now look outside for an Iger replacement.

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Supreme Court Ruling Helps Unions Maintain Foothold in State of California … and Elsewhere

California's liberal stance solidified on Monday as the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 4-4 vote, could not shake the union foothold in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case. This is the first of 5 cases that Chief Executive feels could affect businesses as a result of Justice Scalia's death.

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