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Understanding the McDonald’s Leadership “Special Sauce”

McDonald’s has a well-deserved reputation for consistency. Wherever in the world you go, you know what you’re getting when you walk underneath their golden arches.

Marshall Cooper Leadership & Strategy June 18 2012

Best & Worst States for Business Rankings Prominent in National Political Debates

Chief Executive’s annual Best & Worst States for Business Rankings has become an important element this election year around the country, with successful governors touting their “executive” performance. Likewise, news outlet editorial boards and opposition candidates highlight weak ratings. The survey’s 2011 results are still causing controversy in Wisconsin, as Big Labor attempts to stem its long national decline.

Marshall Cooper CEO Briefing Newsletter February 2 2012

4 Lessons from the CIA for CEO Decision-Making

Intelligence failures by the CIA leading up to the Iraq war forced a thorough overhaul of agency decision-making processes, says The New York Times. There are valuable lessons for CEOs from that review in the way we evaluate employees, understand customers and anticipate competitors.

Marshall Cooper CEO Briefing Newsletter April 6 2012

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