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Can A CIO Turned CEO Save Compaq?

TO HEAR MICHAEL CAPELLAS TELL IT, HE was as surprised by his appointment to the top seat at beleaguered Compaq as anyone else. For three months after the board’s well-publicized ousting of Eckhard Pfeiffer, the search for a turnaround whiz had raged. As murmurs of name-brand contenders like Ray Lane of Oracle and Gregory Brenneman of Continental Air rejecting the ...

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Spider Man

Supplying cutting-edge network applications to Internet service providers and major media companies may not garner a high degree of public name recognition, but that’s the way Inktomi CEO David Peterschmidt prefers it. Much like its namesake-the “trickster spider” of Lakota Indian legend-Inktomi thrives behind the scenes, helping to build up clients like America Online, @Home, CNET, Intel, RealNetworks, Sun Microsystems, ...

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Gibson Restrung

Back when Henry Juszkiewicz was just another college engineering student playing lead guitar in a party band, no one himself included–would’ve guessed that he’d end up in a job that would allow him to rock out on the guitar in his office everyday. But that’s exactly what happened when Juszkiewicz became chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp. in 1986. ...

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