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The Plane Truth

The argument for using business aviation has never been stronger, and prices have never been better.

Michael Gelfand CEO Life , Travel January 21 2010

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

As a CEO it would be helpful to be in two places at once. Since that’s not possible, what’s the closest viable solution? CEO Carl Pick uses business aviation as his own personal time machine.

Michael Gelfand CEO Life , Travel January 19 2011

Time is of the Essence

A luxury timepiece can make a very personal statement—and there’s one (or more) out there that can make you tick.

Michael Gelfand CEO Life November 9 2010

What an Outside Facilitator Can Do for You

No matter how hands-on you usually like to be as a business leader, in the case of running meetings at [...]

Michael Gelfand Leadership & Strategy , Talent Management May 29 2012

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