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The Macro Picture

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the saying goes. In many ways, that maxim holds true for John C. “Bud” Colligan, an Apple alumni now running software company Macromedia. Indeed, he borrowed some of his former company’s “playful” corporate culture–including an Apple-like slide employees use to get from the third floor to the second and some “George Jetson” ...

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Unusual Attitude On Access

A pilot for 23 years, Dave Garrison knows what “unusual attitude” means. And he wasn’t the least bit fazed when a Netcom On-Line Communications Services board member recruiting him for the CEO position likened the job to the training maneuver in which the pilot’s eyes and some instruments are covered while the plane is flown in a straight up or ...

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Saved by the Net

Two years ago, Southern California software maker Quarterdeck Corp. was falling fast, a one-product company being squeezed by Microsoft. But just in the nick of time, Quarterdeck was saved by a net-the Internet.Following company-founder Therese Myers’ resignation in 1994, an interim management team began angling Quarterdeck toward the Internet market and lessening its dependence on its core DOS memory management ...

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Don Cash

Stuck in the mud with a mature company and a slow-growth scenario? An acquisition might be one route back to the fast lane. But a simpler solution might be to revamp businesses you already own, says Questar chairman Don Cash.“For 60 years, we were thought of as the local gas company. We had pipelines and drilling operations, and the public ...

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Linnet Deily

When Linnet Deily took over as president and chief operating officer at First Interstate Bank of Texas three years ago, she was handed a mandate to shake things up. A dismal recession in the state had compounded industrywide doldrums, spelling trouble for the subsidiary of First Interstate Bancorp in Los Angeles.Deily, a fourth-generation Texan and previously an executive at the ...

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Jillelikann Barad

Barbie is the material girl par excellence, the original mall rat. Introduced by Mattel at the Toy Fair in 1959 as “The Barbie Doll: A Shapely Teenage Fashion Model,” the long-limbed, 11-inch clotheshorse has no soul and barely a personality but has been the most successful doll in history. She is a perpetually pubescent girl, and the only thing on ...

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