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Drivers Wanted

When you think about moving toward some kind of global, enterprise-wide, seamless, software-based computing solution to all of your business and technology problems-known by an emerging and confusing array of acronyms and initialisms (ERP, EBS, ES, etc.)-there are probably a host of cliched metaphors that come to mind. Think of carts before horses. Chickens before eggs. Lemmings on a cliff.If ...

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Forging Links

Supply chain management has tightened its hold on the corporation—but respondents to a Chief Executive/Ryder Integrated Logistics poll say some links are still missing.For those who toil in the trenches of supply chain management, strengthening its links with software, building the chain through extranets, threading and rethreading its connections with new, long-term, shared-risk/shared-benefit alliances, the supply chain movement has done ...

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Business Marches On

In July, Woolworth announced it was closing its 400 remaining five-and-dimes, Montgomery Ward filed for bankruptcy, Apple dismissed the chief executive it had hired with great fanfare 17 months earlier, AT&T hung up on Bob Allen’s designated replacement, and the Dow hit 8000. Reading about the Woolworth move on the train one morning, I turned to a friend across the ...

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A Chemical Reaction

One day last fall, recalls Mike McLain, the 47-year-old marketer who became chief executive of Indianapolis-based Dow Brands in November 1995, “I was sitting in my office thinking about how I could describe to my kids what I do for a living. I realized that I’m in the business of solving consumers’ problems. But it’s not the solution that’s the ...

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Raise High The Roof Beam

Are there limits to outsourcing? Will companies hive off all but the most core of competencies, while establishing carefully planned strategic alliances with suppliers, customers, and competitors? Or wilt outsourcing simply provide the means for weathering the storm?

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