Nick Balletta

Nick Balletta is the founder and CEO of communications technology company TalkPoint. It provides streaming communications technology to Fortune 1000 companies, including Morgan Stanley, Bayer and Cisco.

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5 Technology Trends That Will Drive Business

We’re halfway through 2012, so now is a good time for companies to review their business activity and reassess future plans. What emerging trends are important to recognize? How can you better reach your customers and grow your business? How can you implement these strategies? With these questions in mind, here are the top five technology trends and how to think about them in relation to your business strategy.

Nick Balletta CEO Briefing Newsletter July 19 2012

First the Thought Police, Then the Lawyers: Navigating Social Media

Social media strategy can be tricky, especially when it comes to its legal implications. Here are four tips for sorting through the new issues that your company is facing on the social media front.

Nick Balletta Governance/Compliance , Legal , Technology February 28 2012

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