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The Lessons of Policy Failures

Recently I was asked to speak on the greatest public policy failures of the ’90s. There were plenty to choose [...]

Pete Du Pont September 1 1999

Balancing Act

That government is different from business is obvious. For one thing, a business can’t force you to buy a product [...]

Pete Du Pont May 1 1999


For the past decade, employers shave increasingly turned to managed care, particularly Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), as a way to [...]

Pete Du Pont December 1 1998

Cutting Edge

At no time in our history has the moment been so right for a major tax cut as now. We [...]

Pete Du Pont October 1 1998

The Learning Curb

The quality of our elementary and secondary schools is an important determinant of how well-trained and racially diverse our nation’s [...]

Pete Du Pont July 1 1998

Private Time?

Right now, employers pay Social Security taxes of 6.2 percent on earnings up to $65,400 for employees. Medicare takes 1.45 [...]

Pete Du Pont May 1 1998

The Great Society Redux

Big government is not dead. It’s not even sleeping. In fact, it may be ready to grow bigger than ever, [...]

Pete Du Pont March 1 1998

Global Warming-or Hot Air?

The Clinton administration has received some business support for proposals that the U.S. sign a treaty in Kyoto pledging to [...]

Pete Du Pont December 1 1997

Taming the 800-Pound Gorillas

Elderly entitlements may not be on your agenda for consideration every day, but Social Security and Medicare are still going [...]

Pete Du Pont October 1 1997

Defending the LBO

Corporate America did not exactly score a public relations triumph in the 1980s, coming under attack from all corners, including [...]

Pete Du Pont July 1 1997

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