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Where’s Dilbert?

The great talent search has companies heading overseas to hunt for that rarest of breeds-the skilled technology worker.

Peter Buxbaum January 1 2000

The Trouble with Dot-Com Boards

Packed with friends and family and devoid of both experience and objectivity, most dot com boards don’t make the corporate governance grade. Here’s why it matters.

Peter Buxbaum October 1 2000

The Stuff of Dreams

The first thing Chris Kirk did after she left an 18-year tenure at Arthur Andersen was to get a tattoo [...]

Peter Buxbaum February 1 2001

The Fulfillment Dilemma

The current state of online retailing recalls the tale of the hapless storekeeper who was meeting with his accountant. “I [...]

Peter Buxbaum January 1 2000

Rick Priory’s Natural Gas

Rick Priory’s tenure at Duke involves a tale of two companies. The first is Duke Power, as the company was [...]

Peter Buxbaum December 1 2000

Norwegian Would

“Why in the world would I take this job?” A reasonable question, coming from a man who took the helm [...]

Peter Buxbaum February 1 2000

Fit to Print

Bowne’s Robert Johnson

Peter Buxbaum February 1 2000

Chugging Along

No demutualization. No Internet vending. No globalization. While not official slogans of the Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, these [...]

Peter Buxbaum June 1 2000

Born to Run…Companies

Expect the unexpected from Paula Jagemann.While she now speaks with the soft twang of the Maryland hills where she’s lived [...]

Peter Buxbaum February 1 2001

Arrow’s Bullseye

Perhaps it’s Steve Kaufman’s experience navigating the choppy waters of Long Island Sound that has contributed to his successful captaining [...]

Peter Buxbaum December 1 1998

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