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Want More Jobs? Clean Up Our Messy Regulatory System

Writing in the Atlantic, Common Good chairman Phillip K. Howard advances four simple ways we can clean up our convoluted regulatory system, none of which involve, heaven forbid, “de-regulation,” in a straightforward effort to generate more jobs.

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Real People, Not Regulations, Are the Key to Accountability

Several weeks ago CEO Briefing called attention to the causes of government dysfunction which vexes business leaders and citizens alike. This affects everyone and is a concern to both Democrats and Republicans if the country is to move forward. In a recent Atlantic online article, Common Good’s chairman outlines a four step process to correct the deviant subculture of government: abandon bureaucracy and put humans on the spot.

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Reform Is Not Enough: The Federal Government Needs a Complete Makeover

Behavior that would seem grotesque to most Americans doesn't raise an eyebrow inside the Beltway. Only radical change can fix the problem. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue argues the chairman of Common Good, a non-partisan advocacy group, but one that should drive citizens and business leaders-- who understand accountability better than most--to action.

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