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Ram Charan has is a long-time advisor to CEOs and boards of many of the world’s best companies on issues such as strategy, corporate governance, and succession. He is also a prolific author with 16 books to his name, including the bestseller Execution, coauthored with Larry Bossidy, and The Game Changer, coauthored with A.G. Lafley. His most recent book is The Talent Masters. He has MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School and is a Distinguished Fellow of the National Association of Human Resources.

Taking Back the Reins

The crisis of American capitalism is real. But if we want to fix it, we can’t wait for Washington. We need to do it ourselves.

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Inflation Watch: Are You Prepared?

Ram Charan, long-time advisor to CEOs and prolific business author, writes exclusively for ChiefExecutive.net on the possibility that the US is about to see significant inflation in the marketplace. Giants like Clorox and Procter & Gamble are already feeling the pressure; P&G raised some prices 9% recently. Are you ready?

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Secrets of CEO Talent Masters with Ram Charan

This webinar, sponsored by Deloitte, was done exclusively for Chief Executive by Ram Charan. Charan is a longtime advisor to CEOs and boards and has even co-authored a book with Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley. In this webinar Charan discusses why talent needs to be managed as carefully as numbers and highlights specific practices by Talent Master companies such as GE, P&G, Unilever, and Agilent.

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CEOs in Tumultuous Times

Even before the recent Wall Street debacle, CEOs had begun asking: How much more difficult, complex and volatile is the CEO job going to get? Can it get any bigger? The increasing turnover of CEOs in recent years is clear evidence that some people are finding the job very hard to carry out. Fortune 100 CEO departures increased 91 percent ...

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Setting Goals When the World Turns Upside Down

Goals are tied to how the business is positioned. In a complex and rapidly changing world, the nature of the goals as well as their magnitude may need to be radically different. Ann Moore, president of Time Inc., a unit of Time Warner, faced precisely that challenge as 2005 drew to a close. Ad pages for Time Warner’s flagship magazines, ...

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Confront Behaviors That Harm the Team’s Effectiveness

Leaders often avoid conflict, hoping that a problem with one of their direct reports’ behavior will somehow resolve itself. They seldom do. When I observed George he was two years into his tenure as CEO of a company in a fast-paced industry heavily dependent upon technology. He was having a lot of trouble molding his team of direct reports. He ...

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Judgment and Strength of a Leader

The greatest psychological challenge in setting and acting on priorities has to do with resource allocation. Whether in a group meeting or through conventional budgeting and capital approval processes, you have to demonstrate judgment and courage in making resource allocation decisions that reflect your business priorities and in following through to ensure that the things that should be happening in ...

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