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India’s Outsourcing Boom

   The bumpy roads leading to Bangalore’s Electronics City are thronged with rickshaws, over-crowded buses, mopeds, noisy old trucks, ox-drawn carts of fruit and lumber-even the occasional cow ambling along, ignoring the blare of honking horns. Trash is strewn along the road, which is lined with aluminum shacks.In stark contrast to the chaotic street scene, are numerous cybercafes and neon-lit ...

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Brand Leaders 2005


Steve Jobs (#1) APPLE COMPUTER It was 1984, and Apple Computer had just plunked down $1 million to air a revolutionary TV commercial during the Super Bowl promoting its about-to-be-released Macintosh personal computer. Trouble was, Apple’s board of directors previewed the spot, determined it the worst commercial they had ever seen and asked CEO Steve Jobs to nix it. When Jobs ...

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The Next Bubble?

How do you know when another bubble is about to burst? The signs of an overinflated tech boom were evident back in the late 1990s but no one paid much attention until it was too late and millions of dollars were sunk in ill-fated ventures. Now another peak and valley are on the horizon-not in Silicon Valley but far away ...

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Danger Abroad

Growing anti-American sentiment is threatening the safety of U.S. companies overseas. Find out what some CEOs are doing to protect against harm.

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