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Is China the New India?

China’s burgeoning outsourcing industry faces formidable challenges. But it also has the resources to overcome them.

Rebecca Fannin China , Global Business , India , Strategy April 22 2010

India’s Outsourcing Boom

   The bumpy roads leading to Bangalore’s Electronics City are thronged with rickshaws, over-crowded buses, mopeds, noisy old trucks, ox-drawn [...]

Rebecca Fannin August 9 2006

Brand Leaders 2005

Steve Jobs (#1) APPLE COMPUTER It was 1984, and Apple Computer had just plunked down $1 million to air a revolutionary [...]

Rebecca Fannin Marketing October 1 2005

Growth in the Valley

The tech bust left Silicon Valley a barren desert. But healthy venture capital numbers are just one sign that the region is ready to bloom again.

Rebecca Fannin Technology March 1 2004

The Next Bubble?

How do you know when another bubble is about to burst? The signs of an overinflated tech boom were evident [...]

Rebecca Fannin Strategy February 1 2004

Japan’s Landlord

For years, Minoru Mori has been transforming the Tokyo skyline. Now he has his sights set on even bigger projects.

Rebecca Fannin October 1 2003

Danger Abroad

Growing anti-American sentiment is threatening the safety of U.S. companies overseas. Find out what some CEOs are doing to protect against harm.

Rebecca Fannin January 1 2003

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