Rick Andrade

Rick Andrade is an investment banker at Janas Associates in Pasadena, CA and a finance writer in Los Angeles helping CEOs buy, sell and finance middle market companies. He blogs at www.RickAndrade.com on issues important to middle market business owners. He can be reached at RJA@JanasCorp.com.

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M&A Finance vs Crowdfunding in 2013: What Works for You?

As mergers and acquisitions continue to bounce along the bottom, large company CEOs are reaping the benefits in 2013 despite struggling with the many market uncertainties that hold back deal flow. But what options for capital raising do SME CEOs have? More than you may think. But it pays to be careful.

Rick Andrade CEO Briefing Newsletter May 30 2013

The M&A Market Is Heating Up. Is the Time Right to Make a Move?

The M&A market is going to be hot this summer. That means that as the velocity of spending increases, small to mid-sized business valuations across the nation will increase as well. For CEOs looking to strengthen core competencies through acquisition or divest non-core capabilities, the timing might be right to make such growth-related decisions.

Rick Andrade Mergers & Acquisitions July 3 2014

Want to know the One thing that can sink a CEO faster than an Obama victory?

Stress kills and for CEOs it’s self inflicted. A California investment banker says CEOs are likely to experience more of it the closer we get to the election.

Rick Andrade Election Center September 20 2012

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