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Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn is an international corporate strategist, investment banker and expert on China. Since 1989, he has worked with China’s senior leaders and advised the Chinese government on matters of economic policy, industrial policy, mergers and acquisitions, science and technology, media and culture, Sino-U.S. relations, and a variety of international business matters. Dr. Kuhn advises leading multinational companies, CEOs and C-Suite executives, regarding formulating and implementing China strategies in a variety of sectors, including science and technology, energy and resources, industrial, media and entertainment, healthcare / medical / pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and financial services. He works with major Chinese companies on structuring their capital markets financing and M&A activities.

Delivering Energy Security

I feel stupid, and I am angry. The stupidity is collective; the anger is personal. I am angry because I feel stupid and the reason is oil. Energy, actually, and that’s the point. There is no rational reason why America, with our technology and our wealth, is still so massively dependent on oil for energy.But we have chosen to cede ...

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The Gulf’s Financial Tidal Wave

I write from Riyadh, near the center of Saudi Arabia, having driven across the Saudi desert following meetings and a wonderful lunch at the headquarters of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. I drove to Dhahran, which is in eastern Saudi Arabia, from the island of Bahrain, crossing the aquamarine waters of the Persian Gulf on the ...

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Thwarting Anti – Americanism

Anti-Americanism is a potent phenomenon in the world, and business executives as much as political leaders need to appreciate its significance and deal with its consequences. First, I discuss the etiology of anti-Americanism, its genesis and sources; then I prescribe antidotes to its poison. There is nothing so strange about anti-Americanism. On the one hand, its cause is the clash ...

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Winning China’s Coming Class Struggle

Because China's growth hasn't floated all boats, investors who can address problems resulting from unequal wealth distribution have a powerful opportunity-and the active support of the country's leaders.

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A World Too Tightly Wired

That a drop in the Shanghai Stock Market could trigger a worldwide sell-off exposes, I now believe, a deeper and more insidious problem. It’s suddenly clear. All the efficiencies and luxuries of a tightly wired world have come at a price. The price is fragility, and we are vulnerable.Here’s the scary part: Nothing fundamentally bad or even unexpected caused the ...

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A Philosophy of Investment Banking

Investment banking is the business of money. Its primary purpose is to link users of capital with providers of capital, seeking optimum financial efficiency for both. It is the intermediary channel through which capital is distributed efficiently and exchanged effectively. As such, investment banking claims to be capitalism’s critical mechanism for facilitating the resource allocation decisions that epitomize the free ...

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How to Use Investment Bankers

Notwithstanding all talk about their gargantuan bonuses, investment bankers evince no chagrin about the fees they charge. They unabashedly retort that they are paid only a small fraction of the value they add to transactions. It is this “value-added,” they claim, that justifies their hefty emoluments, that when they raise billions of dollars in public offerings or get a few ...

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How Investment Bankers Think

Just to survive, investment bankers must be both smart and savvy, and to prosper they must be extraordinarily smart and savvy.  Business executives can learn key principles of business and finance by examining how the best investment bankers think-a sophisticated system of reasoning and procedure that generates consistent, high-quality financial output. In addition, we explore the personality of investment bankers-what ...

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