Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn is an international corporate strategist, investment banker and expert on China. Since 1989, he has worked with China’s senior leaders and advised the Chinese government on matters of economic policy, industrial policy, mergers and acquisitions, science and technology, media and culture, Sino-U.S. relations, and a variety of international business matters. Dr. Kuhn advises leading multinational companies, CEOs and C-Suite executives, regarding formulating and implementing China strategies in a variety of sectors, including science and technology, energy and resources, industrial, media and entertainment, healthcare / medical / pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and financial services. He works with major Chinese companies on structuring their capital markets financing and M&A activities.

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Remastering the Art of Doing Business in China

For foreign companies in China, the game has changed.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn China , Global Business , Strategy March 7 2011

Shanghai: World City?

Part III of a three-part series on Expo and the future of Shanghai

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom September 9 2010

Talking to China

The irony about China, a senior Chinese leader told me recently, is that “when for more than a century foreigners [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn March 4 2007

The Gulf’s Financial Tidal Wave

I write from Riyadh, near the center of Saudi Arabia, having driven across the Saudi desert following meetings and a [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn December 7 2007

The Kingdom and the New World Order

Saudi Arabia is playing a growing role in global affairs.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Global Business , Middle East January 25 2011

The Making of a U.S. CEO

What can business executives learn from political candidates?

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Election Center October 29 2007

Thirty Ways to Resist Groupthink

Because Groupthink is so insidious, comfortable and prevalent, it is a constant challenge for CEOs. This is especially so in the age of the Internet. Only the proactive administration of psycho-social antidotes can counteract the poison of groupthink.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Leadership & Strategy , Talent Management September 6 2011

Thwarting Anti – Americanism

Anti-Americanism is a potent phenomenon in the world, and business executives as much as political leaders need to appreciate its [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn September 10 2007

To Flourish Among GIANTS

How mid-size companies can beat the odds.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom January 21 2010

Understanding China III: Responsibility

The worldwide financial crisis, the most far-reaching economic dislocation since the Great Depression, has thrust China further into the spotlight. [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom December 12 2008

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