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The New Nuclear Future

The nation’s energy diet is prompting a flurry of novel reactor designs - all bidding to jumpstart a moribund industry.

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Killing the Electric Car Again

When U.S. gasoline prices soared to more than $4 per gallon in the summer of 2008, drivers and automakers ramped up the search for new ways to fuel cars. Energy hawks worry about continued U.S. dependence on oil from hostile countries- we import more than two-thirds of the oil we use. In addition, concerns about global warming are also driving ...

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Are You Carbon Beta Rated?

Consumers and the aviation industry will take it on the chin while environmental groups and rent-seeking companies that form a classic Baptist and Bootleggers coalition stand to gain big time.

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What Will Biotech Bring?

Humanity has experienced a number of production revolutions-agriculture, industrial/steam, industrial/electricity, information and now the biotechnology production revolution. Biotechnology uses living organisms and their component molecules to make products, including novel medicines, crops and energy. Biotechnology will personalize therapies and aim to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases rather than just cure diseases once they occur. Biotechnology is providing breakthroughs in agriculture, ...

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Truth About Warming


“A true planetary emergency,” is how Al Gore described global warming at a congressional hearing in March. “A lucrative business opportunity disguised as an environmental problem,” is how energy guru Amory Lovins characterized climate change in The Atlantic magazine. Or is it both? Clearly, business leaders need to understand how climate change and, perhaps even more importantly, how likely policy ...

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Invasion of the Fearmongers

Professional SCAREMONGERS routinely use agenda science to BAMBOOZLE a GULLIBLE and scientifically CLUELESS public-and get companies and products PILLORIED in the media. MAYBE IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK.

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Natural capitalism: creating the next industrial revolution.By Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, & L.Hunter Lovins. Little, Browns & Co. $26.95, 396 pp.The aims of natural capitalism are laudatory, but the authors fail to understand the root of the environmental problems they address. They identify the symptoms but get the diagnosis wrong, which means they end up prescribing the wrong medicine.Co-authored by ...

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Forbes: Speaking Freely

A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: VISION FOR AMERICA.BY STEVE FORBES. REGNERY PUBLISHING, $17.95, 204 PP.CAMPAIGN MANIFESTOS ARE USUALLY long on mushy high-minded sentiments and glittering policy generalities and short on real substance and hard choices. In A New Birth of Freedom, the reader will find some of that, but candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and publisher Steve Forbes also ...

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