Rosemary Coates

Rosemary Coates ( president of Blue Silk Consulting, a global supply chain consulting firm. Her expertise includes China sourcing and manufacturing with 25 years of experience in global supply chain strategies, tactics and IT systems with 80 clients worldwide. She is the author of three books including, “42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China.”

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Will You Know When to Leave China?

7 things to know about rebalancing your offshore vs. onshore sourcing

Rosemary Coates CEO Briefing Newsletter , China , Global Business November 1 2013

How to Ensure Your Reshoring Project Won’t Fail

This is the kind of project that, done successfully, can add to the legacy a CEO leaves his company. Unfortunately, not all reshoring, onshoring and nearshoring projects are a success.

Rosemary Coates Global Business , Manufacturing , Nearshoring June 12 2014

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