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Implementing Innovation in New Ventures

At the conclusion of the CE Roundtable, “Building a Better Innovation Model Roundtable” summarized by Jennifer Pellet (March 2008) she posed a crucial and provocative question to the participants: “So how can companies connect people and their ideas with processes that will vet, refine, and develop these ideas effectively.” An even more profound question for chief executives is how to ...

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A Systematic Approach To Technology Transfer

Some experts believe the Japanese are faster and more cost-effective than U.S. firms at bringing products to market. Apparently, corporate America thinks so, too: In order to compensate, spending on research and development totaled more than $1 trillion during the 1980s. But R&D is no panacea: Technological development can only help if it is commercialized in a timely fashion. Stateside, ...

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