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Russ Banham
Russ Banham (russ@russbanham.com) is a contributing writer to Chief Executive

Xactly: Data-Driven B2B Marketing

Scott Broomfield, former CMO at Xactly, a provider of sales automation tools, wanted to augment sales revenue and lower marketing spend. “We had tens of thousands of people in our database and wanted to be able to predict where they were in the buying cycle,” says Bloomfield. “By deducing this, we could focus our sales energy and marketing campaigns on a tighter population of people.”

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Is Amazon Overreaching?


When does a company spread itself too thin? In evolving from selling books into an array of capabilities and services, the world’s largest retailer may be doing just that.

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Jet.com: Amazon’s Flank Attacker

Alibaba, Google and Walmart aside, there are many small challengers nipping at Amazon’s heels. Chief among them is Jet.com, whose founder and CEO Marc Lore previously founded Quidsi, which owned Diapers.com. Lore sold the company to Amazon and stayed on for two years to run it. Now he is biting the hand that fed him.

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Coming in Second: When Being a ‘Fast Follower’ Is the Best Strategy


An accepted wisdom in business is that being first-to-market with a product, service or a new wrinkle on an old idea is the optimal strategy. Intuitively, this makes sense—a new market is there for the taking. The early mover can capitalize on its inventiveness, win brand loyalty and fend off the copycats that follow. Now comes a series of provocative books declaring that being an early mover is fraught with danger, that the risk of failure for a first-to-market company is much higher than for the pack in pursuit.

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Healing the Pain Points of Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing can heal the pain points bruising many midsize manufacturing plants. “The trick is to start small by evaluating your current plant to determine where there are problems meeting performance objectives,” explains Don Busiek, general manager of manufacturing software at GE Intelligent Platforms.

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