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Russ Banham ( is a contributing writer to Chief Executive

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Pay Crackdown

At leading companies, compensation committees make changes to heed criticism of egregious pay. Washington likely will spur others.

Russ Banham September 1 2002

The Whole Truth

The “no one told me” excuse is disappearing, but finding credible data and figuring out how to disclose it remains tough.

Russ Banham July 1 2002

Tools for Turnaround

When companies face their toughest times, boards call in the specialists with the skills to woo back Wall Street and the stomach for tough measures.

Russ Banham April 1 2002

Dismal Indemnity

Want to buy a big building or a company jet? Go for it – but good luck getting it insured.

Russ Banham March 1 2002

Pay in the Balance

Some severance packages are so rich it’s a wonder CEOs still work. Here’s how to avoid shareholder ire in compensation.

Russ Banham August 1 2001

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