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Scott K. Edinger
Companies like AT&T, Lenovo, and The Los Angeles Times, hire Scott Edinger to help them achieve top and bottom line growth. Scott’s latest book The Hidden Leader is a Washington Post Bestseller and was selected as one of the best business books of 2015.

Is it OK for the Sales Team to Set your Strategy?

Of course it’s not OK, and most CEOs would bristle at the thought. Sales professionals, talented as they may be, don’t have the perspective to formulate and implement the company strategy, and likely have no experience doing so.

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How to Use Your Sales Team Most Effectively to Drive Organic Growth

Of all the strategies for growing your business, organic growth is the most daunting. But with the uncertainty and high failure rates of M&As and partnerships (most studies indicate between 70% to 90% of the time they fail to meet stated objectives), organic growth is also the path to the highest value for your business.

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4 Steps for Creating a Culture of Innovation

While many CEO’s focus on addressing organizational problems, the most successful focus on raising the bar. One of the ways they look to raise the bar is by creating a culture where innovation thrives. When this organizational strength is magnified it can become a source of competitive advantage for the enterprise.

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