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A Room with a Wii?

The ritual for a lot of international road warriors after a long transoceanic flight is to check into their hotels, turn on a hot shower and let the steam fill the air to ease the sinuses. “After a 12-hour flight you’re dried out,” says frequent traveler John B. Rowsell, the CEO of Chicago-based Glenwood Capital Investments. But there’s no need ...

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Not Getting Asia

Patronizing stereotypes can subvert entire business strategies.

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Chinese in Denial on SARS

THERE’S GOOD NEWS and not-so-good news about Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome in southern China.The Chinese government appears to have successfully prevented a repeat of last year’s epidemic, which virtually shut down trade between China and the United States and hurt many CEOs’ bottom lines. So far this season, only one confirmed case of SARS has been identified. The government has ...

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