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A Room with a Wii?

The ritual for a lot of international road warriors after a long transoceanic flight is to check into their hotels, [...]

Sheridan Prasso CEO Life January 30 2009

Lessons for the Indian Market

Sheridan Prasso Global Business , India , Strategy April 22 2008

Winding Down On Abaco, Where A Golf Oasis Awaits

CEOs can find that a big new idea sometimes just takes getting away from it all

Sheridan Prasso April 10 2006

Two-Seat Roadsters For $20k

You don’t have to spend a lot to have fun. The Pontiac Solstice vs. the Mazda Miata MX-5.

Sheridan Prasso CEO Life April 10 2006

Can Taiwan Leap Forward?

As technology and jobs flow to China, Taiwan faces a critical economic challenge.

Sheridan Prasso Strategy December 1 2005

Is Chris Madden the Next Martha?

The design diva carves out a role by stressing the art of makinglife easier.

Sheridan Prasso October 1 2005

Not Getting Asia

Patronizing stereotypes can subvert entire business strategies.

Sheridan Prasso Strategy May 1 2005

Chinese in Denial on SARS

THERE’S GOOD NEWS and not-so-good news about Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome in southern China.The Chinese government appears to have successfully [...]

Sheridan Prasso March 1 2004

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