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Getting Better all the Time

Done right, annual report is the ultimate corporate calling card. But only a small percent truly excel at it. CE’s 17th annual roundup looks at the year’s best and what each did to ace the test

Sid Cato November 1 2000

The 10 Best and 10 Worst Annual Reports of 1998

175 years ago, Baltimore Gas and Electric produced the very first annual report. Some companies, it seems, might need another 175 years to get it right. CE’s 16th annual assessment of which companies are delivering knouts and which are down for the count.

Sid Cato November 1 1999

The 10 Best Annual Reports of 1997… And the 10 Worst

Annual reports are getting better. But for CEOs, and their letters to shareholders, honesty is still a lonely word.

Sid Cato November 1 1998

The Best 10 Annual Reports of 1996 and The 10 Worst

It’s getting harder and harder to find bad annual reports-an indication, perhaps, that more CEOs are actively involved in creating them. But that doesn’t mean the news is all good.

Sid Cato November 1 1997

The 10 Best Annual Reports of 1995…And The 10 Worst

Done right, an annual report captures the soul of a company and its leaders. Done wrong, it goes down in flames and can damage a company’s image.             

Sid Cato October 1 1996

The World’s 10 Best And 10 Worst Annual Reports of 1995

The onset of a new era-electronic annual reports-can’t disguise the weakness of this year’s print crop. They are characterized by slipshod graphics and lots of hot air.

Sid Cato October 1 1995

The 10 Best And 10 Worst Annual Reports of 1994

Sid Cato October 1 1994

The 10 Best And 10 Worst Annual Reports of 1992

Consider some of the themes featured on the covers of the best annual reports of 1992: flexibility, communication, value, and growth.  Without coincidence, these concepts have been driving forces in the evolution of the annual-the single most important corporate communique. 

Sid Cato October 1 1993

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