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Managing The Red Ink

Aburdensome debt load can restrict companies from making acquisitions; undertaking needed capital expenditures; borrowing cheaply; and, in the long run, [...]

Steve Bergsman July 1 1996

Not a Lot of Junk

The junk bond market, which BY STEVE reached a frenzied peak BERGSMAN back in 1993, fell off the following year [...]

Steve Bergsman April 1 1997

Not Ready for Prime Time

A most critical year for Macon Brock and Doug Perry was 1993. They had already sold K&K Toys, a company [...]

Steve Bergsman September 1 1997

Raising Cash For E-Commerce

As with all Internet enterprises it seemed like a good idea at the time. The Right Start, an upscale child [...]

Steve Bergsman January 1 2001

Riding Convertibles

CuraGen Corp., a biotechnology firm based in New Haven, CT, had been relatively quiet in the public marketplace since its [...]

Steve Bergsman July 1 2000

Shocks To The Supply Chain

Last summer, when The Boeing Co. announced it would delay the introduction of its 787 Dreamliner, CEO Jim McNerney blamed [...]

Steve Bergsman Manufacturing , Operations , Strategy , Supply Chain/Logistics April 22 2008

Smarter Wireless

By many accounts, the next generation cell phone will have evolved, before long, into a kind of superdevice. Part phone, [...]

Steve Bergsman August 1 2000

Spin Cycle

Companies attempting incubator strategies have found BARGEMAN the buoyant stock market to their liking. Since the premise of an incubator [...]

Steve Bergsman May 1 1998

Syndicated Loans Get Sexier

After he started IntraLinks Inc. BY STEVE in 1997, Mark Adams told his wife his new venture was either a [...]

Steve Bergsman December 1 1998

Taking the Debt With the Good

In June, Avnet announced it would acquire Marshall Industries in a deal valued at$830 million. The $6.3 billion distributor of [...]

Steve Bergsman November 1 1999

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