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Warren Strugatch
Warren Strugatch is a writer, speaker and consultant based in Stony Brook, NY. He covers economic development, global business, management and marketing.

St. Louis: Fighting Ferguson Turmoil

The August 9 shooting of Michael Brown, age 18 and unarmed, by police officer Darren Wilson cast Ferguson, Missouri into the international spotlight. Brown’s death sparked weeks of protests, violence and looting in the St. Louis community, generating heated and wide-ranging discussion of racial inequality and economic opportunity across the Midwest and beyond.

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A Strategy for Winning Back Customers and Reviving Revenue Growth

What do you do when sales are flat, new product lines from competitors have nibbled away at revenues, and your very brand name has become a price-tag punch line (“Whole Foods? No, Whole Paycheck,” quipped Stuart Elliott in The New York Times)? If you’re Whole Foods Market, you quadruple your advertising budget and launch the first national advertising program in your 35-year history.

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Well-Connected Chiefs Are Weak M&A Dealmakers, Study Says

In a study that focused on how chief executives capitalize on their relationships, CEOs with the strongest personal networks initiated more mergers and acquisitions than their less connected peers, at the same time producing relatively fewer deals that benefited the companies and investors involved, according to a study by the University of Arkansas.

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Regional Report: The Southeast


Chief Executive’s newest Regional Report offers an in-depth look at the pros and cons of doing business in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky and Mississippi.

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