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Quantifying RiskThe Baghdad death risk is of the same order of magnitude as the risk faced by an average American while driving. But there are critical differences of exposure, understanding and dread.

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: Palin’s Pipeline Politicking

Shortly before being named the GOP’s vice presidential candidate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke with Chief Executive magazine in an interview. She said the country “is long overdue for a woman in the White House and for having more of a maverick type who’s not beholden to any special interests”.In August, Palin was fresh off political victory in Alaska as ...

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A Scion’s Test

Some of the world’s best-known architects wait years to see their designs built. Frank Gehry was 68 when the Bilbao Guggenheim made him a star. Daniel Libeskind sketched striking forms until finally, at age 52, he saw one constructed. Today, in an industry that rewards gray hair, the man running one of the world’s largest architecture firms is just 34. ...

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How to Keep French Fries Safe (in a World of Saboteurs)

Bruce Rohde worries about protecting America’s favorite comfort foods from bioterrorism. As chairman, president, and CEO of ConAgra Foods, the country’s largest food service manufacturer, Rohde oversees 250 plants in the United States that churn out everything from Slim Jims and Healthy Choice meals, to, the CEO estimates, one out of every two french fries consumed in the U.S.When anthrax ...

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