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William J. Holstein
William J. Holstein is a journalist, consultant and speaker. He is the author of, "The Next American Economy: Blueprint For A Sustainable Recovery." For more of his work, visit www.williamjholstein.com.

Something’s Rotten in the State of Twitter

Twitter Inc., the high-flying social media company, seems to be making some basic governance mistakes. First, it announced that current Chief Executive Dick Costolo would step down from his position as of July 1. His title was, in fact, removed but he remained a member of the board of directors. Jack Dorsey, who is chairman of the board, took over ...

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Earth to Mary Barra: Be Very Careful about China’s SAIC

General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra has announced a $5 billion initiative to work with Chinese partner SAIC Motor Corp. to develop smaller cars for emerging markets. This is her first major announcement regarding GM's strategy in China, so we should pause for a moment to reflect on the nature of the game being played.

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Five Steps to a Successful ERP System

➡ BEGIN BY FORGING AN INTERNAL CONSENSUS among key constituencies in your company about what you are trying to achieve. One key question is how much of your system can be offsite in the cloud versus on-premises. You don’t want to change technical specifications after you launch. That can lead to cost overruns and delays, known as ERP “bloat.” ➡ ...

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HR Tips from Moneyball

In the movie “Moneyball,” the manager of the Oakland A’s, played by Brad Pitt, decides to rely on a geeky subordinate to embrace a computerized statistical-based model for evaluating his players.

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