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Best/Worst States for Business 2012: Biggest Gains from 2011

No. 13 Louisiana Has Highest Gains in 2012: Moves 14 Spots from 2011 Taxation and Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment …

No 13: Louisiana

No. 13

Louisiana Has Highest Gains in 2012: Moves 14 Spots from 2011

Taxation and Regulations
Workforce Quality
Living Environment

Based on CEO Survey by ChiefExecutive.net

Ranking Change from 2011
2012 Rank— 13
2011 Rank— 27
Total change— 14
Development Trend Indicator—Positive
Surge in Business-friendliness continues with reforms in education and public pensions.
CEO Comments
“Louisiana is bad with tort lawyers.”

“As a native of Louisiana and CEO, our state has made great strides in the last 4 years under Gov. Bobby Jindal. He is bright, honest and committed to improving our state. He has done much to improve our reputation national and she our past political history. He understands business and has attracted new jobs, improved ethics laws , lowered taxes and reduced the size of government to a 20-year low. And he has a bold plan to reform k-12 education. He is a breath of fresh air.”

“Louisiana has vast natural resources, 6 class I railroads, the Mississippi River and the second largest port in America in tonnage. Louisiana’s government and regulatory agencies are easy to work with and the workforce development program is excellent for manufacturing jobs.”

“Doing business in Louisiana is an environment of comfort and ease. The state’s ability to interact with small and large business is an asset worth mentioning.”

“Louisana is becoming more business freindly every year. Public education quality is improving rapidly as well as workforce quality.Living enviornment is very good.”

“Louisiana has a very robust and focused workforce development program and very aggresive economic development department.”

“Louisiana has been great for me as a small tech startup. The angel tax credit and other small business incentives have helped tremendously.”

“Louisiana has been the most efficient and supportive state I have ever worked in for business growth, assistance and economic development!”

“Louisiana has gotten much more attractive as a state to do business in since hurricane Katrina hit it 6+ years ago.”

“Louisiana has historically been a sleeping state located on the Missississippi River that over the last decade is starting to wake up and recognize the opportunities that lies before it. The Pelican state is a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished. It’s time has come!”

“Louisiana has made big strides in creating a positive environment for business”

“Louisiana has new economic development underway along with continued efforts to attract additional businesses to the state. Existing businesses have been provided incentives to remain. The future is very promising for manufacturing and the petrochemical industry due to the large quantity of natural gas that has led to plants reopening and chemical plants going back on line after being idled due to previously high energy costs. There is a strong showing in entrepeneurial startups and expansions in the tech industry as evidenced by activities in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. A new pro-business climate has emerged that has caught the attention of many national companies based on recent rankings by other publications.”

“Louisiana is “most improved” the last 5 years. California is bad and getting worse—in a race to the bottom with Illinois in terms of over taxation, over regulation and hostile “class warfare” rhetoric aimed at businesses.”

“Louisiana is an “up and comer” with a very pro-business environment.”

“Louisiana is doing best job of promoting growth, training workforce, providing incentives for business.”

“Louisiana is growing extremely fast & sustainable, in multiple directions all at once. It’s an “Inclusive” business & social culture not “Exclusive”. Opportunities are in all areas from energy, agriculture, education, entertainment, tourism, music, food, architecture, real estate, port import/export, workforce infusion from US & abroad, hi-tech, in a word CREATIVE!”

“Louisiana is home and I can’t imagine a business anywhere else. I am seeking opportunities outside Louisiana but have not yet found something suitable. The people here are the friendly and caring and want to work hard in order to do their jobs well.”

“Louisiana is making tremendous strides in making the state a better place to live and work. Ethis emphasis and Education Initiatives are impressibe. Economic Climate is also better than most other states. Texas is just impressive when it comes to proactive vs. reactive atmosphere.”

“Louisiana is on the way to becoming the best state in the south to do business.”

“Louisiana on upswing amazing what good government policy can do.”

“Louisiana: The incentives for companies to do business in Louisiana is tremendous. R&D Credits and Workforce incentives is why we will always keep our business based in Louisiana.”

“Louisiana’s business environment has improved 10 fold over the past 4 years since Governor Jindal took office. The tax rates, business grants and worker training programs are the best I have seen. This state is open for business!”

“Louisianas tax credits are incredible! Faststart program is mind boggling to help companies.
lousisana specifically has made great strides in workforce training and tax reform.”


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