About Chief Executive Group

The Chief Executive team at The U.S. Military Academy at West Point for leadership training, with Col. (ret.) Jack Beach and Eisenhower Leadership Center Exec. Dir. Dr. Nicole Shea.

We’re a small company with a big impact: We help CEOs do their jobs better. We accomplish this by providing real-world best practices, insightful analysis and meaningful peer interactions. We work with the most famous CEOs in the world who trust us to tell their stories, share their experiences and inspire other business leaders.

We believe that capitalism may be the most important factor in spreading human health and prosperity around the globe. By producing what people want and need in innovative ways, capitalists satisfy our everyday demands, create jobs, raise standards of living, extend lifespans and more. CEOs are the cornerstones of the free enterprise system, and we help them do their jobs better to the benefit of their customers, employees, shareholders and themselves.

One thing we’re not are apologists for bad behavior:
We call out crony capitalism and abuses that threaten the integrity and fairness of the free market system.

REACH Prep interns at CEO of the Year gala dinner. Chief Executive is a proud supporter of REACH Prep, which helps motivated and talented Black and Latino students gain admission to competitive schools and thrive in their academic careers.

Led by serial media entrepreneurs who are passionate about building this business into a media powerhouse, Chief Executive Group is one of only five NY-area media companies to rank in the 2013 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America.

Together, our people form an exceptional team doing great things.  While we have a great time, we’re serious about our mission:  after all, we believe we can change the world for the better.


What’s so great about working here?

  • Competitive compensation
  • Great benefits
  • Awesome people
  • Charitable involvement
  • Advancement opportunities

Summer BBQ lunch at the office.


What we believe:  Core Values

  • Authenticity – We will succeed by being honest, having integrity and by building meaningful relationships among ourselves and with our customers.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit – Everyone in our company is an entrepreneur, and should constantly be on the lookout for product improvements, new product/service ideas, savings opportunities or meaningful customer input.
  • Lead by example – We are all—from top executive to intern—willing to pitch in to ensure success.
  • Constant learning – We are committed to continuous improvement by objectively examining our results, as well as outside best practices.
  • High quality – Our customers are deservedly demanding, and we will exceed their high expectations in everything we do.



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