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How to Make the Most of Your SVP of Sales

Gone is the quintessential backslapping salesman, but who should take his place?

Fran Hawthorne CEO Briefing Newsletter , Talent Management May 15 2013

Acing the Family Vacation

Lessons from three hard-charging CEOs on how to make time for—and make the most of—travel time as a family.

Michael Gelfand CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Life , Travel May 15 2013

CEOs’ Expectations Hit Highest Level Since May 2011

The CEO Confidence Index, Chief Executive’s monthly gauge of CEOs’ expectations for business conditions for the next 12 months, saw its highest month-over-month gain in the past two years, rising 9.5 percent to 6.07 out of a possible 10. The rating of current conditions also saw an uncommonly high monthly gain, rising 8 percent to 5.70 out of 10. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 14 2013

Mid-Size Companies Mixed on Global Market

While some firms are looking to go global, many see no pressing need to look beyond the U.S. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 13 2013

Getting Smart With Big Data

How smaller companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated about analyzing multiple forms of data.

William J. Holstein CEO Briefing Newsletter May 10 2013

Learn (Don’t Just Manage): Three Critical Steps to Help Navigate Through Perilous Moments

Nearly a quarter century has passed since Stephen Covey, who sold 20 million books and authored Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, cautioned against allowing the urgent to crowd out the important. He reminded leaders of the tremendous pull of the urgent demands of today and advised being more mindful of addressing the complex challenges of tomorrow. Covey’s wisdom and insight remain timeless, but the demands of our volatile and uncertain world have exposed an even greater vulnerability. CEOs should note three critical steps: getting unstuck; building new capabilities and routines; and sustaining the changes.

Kerry Bunker, Art Gechman, and Jim Rush CEO Briefing Newsletter May 9 2013

Intel’s Software Inside Is on the Rise

“If Intel’s future chief executives continue rising through its ranks, then the real news isn’t that Intel named Brian Krzanich its sixth CEO. It’s that Intel software chief Renee James may be in line to succeed him,” writes Mark Hachman reporting for Intel’s CEOs generally emerge from the president’s office or that of the COO—Krzanich’s former job. Last November, the elevation of Renee James by Intel’s chairman Andy Bryant, along with Krzanich, Dadi Perlmutter, Intel’s chief of its chip business, and Arvind Sodhani, head of the company’s internal VC unit, Intel Capital, as possible successors to Paul Otellini, marked a departure for famed semiconductor company. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 9 2013

States in Fierce Competition Over Tax Reform

Just as countries vie with one another to be agreeable places in which to do business by having congenial tax rates, U.S, states have come to realize that in order to attract jobs and diversify revenue, they too, must adjust their tax structure accordingly. Long having struggled to attract business and diversify its economy, New Mexico recently passed a tax reform package which will likely cause nearby states like Arizona, California and Nevada to take notice and possibly rethink their own efforts at reform. Texas’ governor Rick Perry, who runs a fairly low-tax state environment, is calling for even more reductions. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 9 2013

The Power of Recognition

Effective employee recognition boosts performance—but what makes a program effective?

CJ Prince CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy May 8 2013

Five Questions Board Members Need to Ask About Cloud Computing

Board members are hearing more and more from their management teams about the noteworthy business benefits of cloud computing, such as: Cloud strategies make the enterprise more efficient and agile. Cloud computing allows delivered services to be more innovative and more competitive. Cloud computing reduces overall operating costs. But how confident can boards be that management plans will achieve these benefits? Is there a way to know that, even if the benefits are real, increased operational risk will not outweigh those benefits? Fortunately, by understanding what cloud is and what it is not and by asking a few key questions of management teams, boards can gain that confidence—in management plans and strategic goals, as well as in the decisions made in response to those plans. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 2 2013

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