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10 CEOs Earn ‘Only’ $1 a Year assembled a list of 10 “big-time CEOs” who earn a base salary of just $1 a year. At a time when most CEOs are notorious for enormous pay packages (on average $10.5 million, according to Forbes), these 10 have opted for something less lofty. They do have one thing in common: all are entrepreneurial with all but one—Eddie Lampert—having founded a business. Yes, Virginia, founder-entrepreneurs do think differently than manager-CEOs. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 27 2013

Using War Games to Battle Test Your Innovation Strategy

When launching new offerings innovators commonly fail to anticipate their rivals actions and motivations. McKinsey strategy practice experts say that war gaming competitors can help focus innovators in the way they identify markets, seize opportunities and shape their new products and services. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 27 2013

Leveraging Social Media to Collaborate with Employees and Customers

If you’re not speaking for yourself, others will speak for you.

John Kador CEO Briefing Newsletter March 22 2013

Six Lessons in How to Turn Crisis into Opportunity with Superior Customer Experience

Can you believe it? Carnival Cruise Lines suffered yet another incident on March 14, shining a spotlight on the importance of customer experience once again. No company can long survive such a bruising experience. There are lessons for SMEs to ensure customer loyalty.

Brad Smith CEO Briefing Newsletter March 21 2013

How CEOs Can Defy Innovation Inertia

CEOs play a pivotal role in leading their organizations to continuously innovate and generate a steady stream of new value. As part of this, one major challenge they face is balancing the many opposing forces, which can inadvertently result in a mysterious inertia that stalls these efforts.

Pamela S. Harper and D. Scott Harper CEO Briefing Newsletter March 20 2013

Does Marissa Mayer Have What It Takes to Fix Yahoo?

Fred Hassan, a six time turnaround CEO, has his doubts but feels as a product leader, Marissa Mayer is the right person. The difficulty lies in the fact that as a newly minted public company CEO, she has never seen a turnaround at Google—and needs advice and support to undertake what arguably is the most difficult task any CEO faces. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 20 2013

Top 5 Eco-friendly Cars

Looking to drive—literally—energy efficiency? Check out these lean, green machines.

William J. Holstein and Bill Visnic Cars , CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Life March 18 2013

Swisse Vitamin’s Radek Sali: The Natural

An Australian CEO shares his strategy for translating his marketing juggernaut’s success stateside.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Briefing Newsletter March 15 2013

Doctor Shortage in California In Face of Obamacare Overhaul

California, the state that first attempted to implement President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, has realized there aren’t enough doctors to care for the large influx of newly insured patients. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 13 2013

Entrepreneurs’ Propensity for Risk; Taxes, Licensing Regulations and Economic Uncertainty Cited as Challenges

Data on newly formed companies and their founders are hard to come by, but a vital component to measuring economic health emerged in a recent study of today’s entrepreneurs. LegalZoom and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation surveyed 1,431 business owners who formed their companies through LegalZoom in 2012. Policy makers should heed the finding that certain barriers impede start-ups at a critical stage of development. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 13 2013

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