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What the US Marines Can Teach Your B2B Firm about Marketing & Sales

Most companies, but service firms in particular can benefit by creating a culture patterned after the Marine Corps; training all employees with basic marketing and sales skills that can help the firm grow and succeed.

Gordon G. Andrew CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy February 7 2013

A Better Way to Build

Ann Hand, CEO of Project Frog, wants to “democratize” high-functioning buildings—delivering high-end design at value prices through pre-fab construction.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Interviews February 1 2013

21 Quotes From Davos You Should Read

If you missed the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, has assembled a list of remarks both offhand and thoughtful (some modified for Twitter) by prominent world leaders, CEOs, politicians and policy makers. CEO Briefing Newsletter January 31 2013

Why Unions Are Shrinking

According to recently released 2012 Department of Labor data the rate of unionization — the percentage of American workers belonging to unions — declined faster under President Obama’s first term than during two terms of President George W. Bush. Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor and senior fellow at The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, argues that the President’s own anti-business policies are largely to blame. This is not as counterintuitive as it sounds. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance January 31 2013

Four Steps to Better Talent Management

Change is the dominant theme of talent management agenda in 2013. This alone is not significant, but what is worrisome is how consistently unprepared and ineffective many organizations have been in managing change. Based on the trend over the past four years, the situation will likely worsen unless new strategies for building capabilities are implemented that enable organizational agility. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Talent Management January 31 2013

Controlling Health Care Costs

Pockets where breakthrough successes have occurred suggest there are ways to contain the spiraling cost of health care.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance , Leadership & Strategy January 25 2013

The Sweet Smell of Success

Perfume trends suggest market potential for a new category of fragrances.

Joe Queenan CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 25 2013

How to Make the Most of Your CIO

Information technology touches every facet of your company—which means your CIO is a key member of your strategic team.

Fran Hawthorne CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 24 2013

How to Survive as an “Interim” CEO

Appointment of an “interim” CEO usually means an organization’s succession program has failed. In a joint RHR International/Chief Executive magazine study of 236 corporate directors, 95 percent of respondents acknowledged that CEO succession is critical. Yet, more than half (53 percent) rated themselves as “ineffective” in executing their responsibilities in the process. Forty percent of the directors surveyed claimed that they are not prepared for an emergency succession.

Dr. Thomas J. Saporito CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 24 2013

What Really Drives Employee Engagement?

As many companies struggle to remain competitive, we’ve seen workplace trust erode and movements like Occupy Wall Street take flight. Yet there are exceptional organizations that get culture right. The common threads they share comprise the “seams” that can hold the fabric of a business together under trying circumstances – and three stand out.

Punit Renjen CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 24 2013

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