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Michigan Will Win Business from Right-to-Work Switch

Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and a Republican-dominated legislature have pulled off a breathtaking political move and made Michigan the 24th right-to-work state. But it remains unclear what difference this will make over the long term for the state – and whether it will boost Michigan’s lowly 46th place in Chief Executive’s annual survey of CEO perception of the Best and Worst States in which to do business.

Dale Buss CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance December 20 2012

How Mid-Sized Companies Innovate

CEOs must drive a continual search for new ideas and have the courage to commit resources for the long term.

William J. Holstein CEO Briefing Newsletter , Innovation , Leadership & Strategy December 19 2012

Are Leaders Born or Made?

It’s unfortunate – but common – to see headlines about CEOs who have been fired because they’ve failed performance-wise, or have drawn too much negative attention personally or professionally. Poor performing CEOs quickly drive down an organization’s success – and often result in negative publicity, declining sales and loss of stakeholder confidence. In some cases, these same CEOs have just come off a winning streak at other companies, but underperform in a new environment. It begs the question: What makes or breaks a leader? Is leadership an intrinsic trait? Are some people just born leaders or does leadership require skills that must be continuously learned and nurtured?

David Brookmire CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy December 13 2012

How Do States Compare in Their Competiveness?

In anticipation of Chief Executive’s annual Best and Worst States survey in 2013 we examine the progress since out 2012 ranking of three key states in the midwest that have made progress: Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Dale Buss CEO Briefing Newsletter , Marketing & Sales December 13 2012

2012 Quality of Living worldwide city rankings

A Mercer study identifying the best quality of living among the world’s 200 leading cities finds Vienna at the top, Baghdad at the bottom. Singapore ranks highest for city infrastructure, Port-au-Prince the lowest. Honolulu and San Francisco are the top-ranked US cities for overall quality of living, but European cities dominate the new city infrastructure ranking. CEO Briefing Newsletter December 13 2012

Tweeter-in-Chief: When CEOs Start Twittering, Look Out

CEO are under pressure these days to appear “authentic,” reports The Wall Street Journal’s Leslie Kwoh and Melissa Korn, but using social media—with its demands for quick, unscripted messages—poses risks for the unsuspecting boss. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology December 5 2012

5 Ways to Improve Board Risk Oversight

“Tone at the top” is a term often used to describe how an organization’s leadership creates an environment that fosters ethical and responsible business behavior. While tone at the top is important and a vital foundation, is it enough?

Jim DeLoach CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance December 5 2012

5 Tips for Coaching Stellar CEOs

Executive coach Stephen Miles notes that there is no off-season for CEOs. “They need to constantly quarterback multiple constituencies as well as communicate effectively with their boards, and these interactions can challenge even the most talented corporate chiefs. A CEO may be a brilliant creative mind or strategic thinker – but may need coaching to improve their board relations or boost their effectiveness as a corporate leader.” CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy December 5 2012

Kurt Schneider CEO of Harlem Globetrotters Discusses Brand Transformation at CEO2CEO Summit

There are a handful of brands that have passed the century mark. Coca-Cola is one. Ford is another. But what about entertainment? For close to 87 years the Harlem Globetrotters have been entertaining kids and adults alike with their basketball high-jinks and ballet-like athleticism. Five and half years ago Kurt Schneider took control as CEO of the organization and has been re-inventing and modernizing the brand ever since. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO2CEO Summit November 29 2012

On Track for an Early Exit? Three Ways to Defy the Statistic

A decade ago, the average tenure of a Fortune 500 CEO was 9.5 years. Today? 3.5 years. Looking at recent stumbles at Best Buy, Yahoo, HP and elsewhere a pattern of sorts emerges that may be instructive for leaders looking to beat the odds.

Paul Heagen and Bob Parsanko CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance November 29 2012

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