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Four Ways to Counter the Counter Offer

When hiring new employees, counter offers should be expected, as nobody wants to lose their best people. It is a lot easier to make a counter offer than it is to find a new person especially if the person quitting is top talent.

Brad Remillard CEO Briefing Newsletter , Corporate Finance October 11 2012

5 Tax Increases Headed for Small Business

If President Obama is re-elected, argues Ryan Ellis, tax policy director at Americans for Tax Reform, one vitally important group of ratepayers—small business—will face five critical tax hikes. CEO Briefing Newsletter , TAX POLICY October 4 2012

10 Companies with the Biggest Cash Stockpiles in America

Writing in Seeking Alpha, investment analyst and newsletter author David Sterman identifies 10 companies that are sitting on significant cash piles. Stunned to find how much some companies were sitting on, he says in some instances, these companies have such a large amount of cash that it equals or surpasses what some countries produce in terms of annual economic activity (GDP). CEO Briefing Newsletter , Corporate Finance October 4 2012

How to Sell in Emerging Markets

Want to sell in emerging markets? Act like a local, says McKinsey principal Jon Vander Ark, in the McKinsey Quarterly. These markets can be fertile ground for enormous sales growth, but each market has its own unique hurdles. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Corporate Finance October 4 2012

What You Say Goes – Recognizing and Managing Your Impact

When you are the CEO, people listen to you in a highly specific way and may as a result take actions you do not intend. It’s critical that recognize the impact of your communication in order to avoid unintended consequences.

Erika Andersen CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy September 27 2012

Two Reasons Interviewing Fails So Often

Can you guess what percentage of hiring managers actually review the details of the job description with the co-workers that will be interviewing the candidates? If you guessed less than 10% you are correct. Here’s a simple way of improving the process.

Brad Remillard CEO Briefing Newsletter , Talent Management September 27 2012

5 Advantages That Flow from Consistent Investor Communications

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor tells how consistent communication and strong relationships with investors will make it easier for executives to raise capital and leverage investor resources for their company’s growth.

Patrick Hull CEO Briefing Newsletter , Corporate Finance September 27 2012

Want More Jobs? Clean Up Our Messy Regulatory System

Writing in the Atlantic, Common Good chairman Phillip K. Howard advances four simple ways we can clean up our convoluted regulatory system, none of which involve, heaven forbid, “de-regulation,” in a straightforward effort to generate more jobs.

Philip K. Howard CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance September 19 2012

Why Most Companies Fail at Social Media

Here is 10 steps for business leaders to help create the conditions that will make the entire social media process a success.

Steve Nicholls CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology September 19 2012

Should You Emulate Apple?

McKinsey experts say it’s no mystery why companies should want to emulate successful peers, but they caution when it comes to outliers like Apple as such practices may result in more agonizing frustration than competitive gain. Can one be blinded by star power? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy September 19 2012

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