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6 Simple Practices that Will Turn Your Sales Team into Pros

Transforming your sales team into an organized, seasoned, competitive, and ultimately effective group of power-players is probably a lot easier than you think. The independent mindset we sometimes attribute to our sales team can be a huge detriment to having high close rates, but this is totally avoidable. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy July 26 2012

Does your organization inhibit your growth strategy?

According to McKinsey authors Martin Dewhurst, Suzanne Heywood and Kirk Rieckhoff organizational weaknesses may be exacerbated under the stress and demands in certain competitive circumstances making it harder to meet growth goals. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 19 2012

5 Technology Trends That Will Drive Business

We’re halfway through 2012, so now is a good time for companies to review their business activity and reassess future plans. What emerging trends are important to recognize? How can you better reach your customers and grow your business? How can you implement these strategies? With these questions in mind, here are the top five technology trends and how to think about them in relation to your business strategy.

Nick Balletta CEO Briefing Newsletter July 19 2012

Why is Confidence in Certain CEOs So Fragile?

The shares of P&G are clearly reflecting a crisis of confidence. The Cincinnati consumer products giant has been criticized for being too late getting into emerging markets and allowing its costs to get out of control. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 19 2012

Union Funds Target Political Spending, Bring Proposals Unrelated to Share Value

The 2012 proxy season has proven to be politically charged, with activist shareholders targeting political spending, lobbying, executive compensation, and chairman independence. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 12 2012

Is Stockton California’s Canary in the Coal Mine?

With the bankruptcy of the city of Stockton—the largest city to face such a filing—the wheels are beginning to fall off municipalities in the once proud Golden State. What this means for area business leaders is: Hold on to your wallet. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 12 2012

Why the Debate over Taxing the Rich Is Disingenuous

Much has been made of the “Buffett Rule” when the sage of Omaha skewered the nation’s tax code for giving him a lower effective tax rate than that of his secretary. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 12 2012

What Happens to Innovation in Healthcare?

Writing in Medical Progress Today, Rita Numerof, states that now that PPACA has been upheld, downward pressure on innovation will [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 5 2012

How the Affordable Care Act Affects Unemployment

Unemployment will likely rise as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, according to an [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 5 2012

How Business Leaders React to the Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that a fully implemented Obamacare plan will cost the U.S. taxpayer about $1.7 trillion, [...]

Dale Buss CEO Briefing Newsletter July 5 2012

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