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Relief at Last for Privately Held Firms

Private companies have often complained that the generally accepted accounting principles, the system used by publicly traded firms such as [...]

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter June 6 2012

Do CEOs with Military Experience Outperform Others?

Since the military produces many leaders, it’s no wonder that many go on to work in business (though that number is lower than you might imagine). So how does military service translate into better serving of shareholders from the C-suite? In the stereotypical view of military life, a few people at the top give commands, and everyone down the line salutes and does what he or she is told. But if that picture was ever true it is certainly not true anymore. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 31 2012

18 CEOs Give Advice on Your First Year in the C-Suite

Since the office of Chief Executive is held by so few individuals, it’s not always easy to get firsthand advice [...]

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter May 31 2012

CEO Job Board: 7 Openings in Telecom, Staffing, Manufacturing and Consumer Electronics

CEO, Credit Union: Illinois CEO, HR and Staffing: Wisconsin CEO, Automotive and Parts Manufacturing: California CEO, Nutrition: New York CEO, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 31 2012

Economic Dashboard May 31, 2012

Economic Dashboard May 31, 2012 Pulse Item Latest Date Latest Data Preceding Period Change Industrial Production Index April-2012 97.4 (p) [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 30 2012

Career Nomads: Business Restructuring Leads to Decrease in Employee Loyalty

Employee loyalty is at a 7-year low and 76 percent of employees say they’d leave their current employer if a [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

Perk or Necessity? One-Third of Public Company CEOs have Personal Security Detail

In 2011, Las Vegas Sands Corp. paid $2.6 million for CEO security detail and Northrop Grumman paid $2.2 million; a [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

2011 Brings Alignment Between Performance and Public Company CEO Pay

After 2010, when there was no correlation between company performance and CEO pay at the largest public companies, compensation was [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

Hong Kong Shows its Business-Friendliness, President is Called CEO

Texas may be the best state for business (in the U.S.) in 2012, but Hong Kong takes the title of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

11 Powerful Women: Business Advice from the C-Suite

The are only 18 Fortune 500 CEOs who are women, and The Wall Street Journal asked 11 of them what it [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

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