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2011 Brings Alignment Between Performance and Public Company CEO Pay

After 2010, when there was no correlation between company performance and CEO pay at the largest public companies, compensation was [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

Hong Kong Shows its Business-Friendliness, President is Called CEO

Texas may be the best state for business (in the U.S.) in 2012, but Hong Kong takes the title of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

11 Powerful Women: Business Advice from the C-Suite

The are only 18 Fortune 500 CEOs who are women, and The Wall Street Journal asked 11 of them what it [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

Seven Ways Facebook’s Board Must Handle its ‘Genius CEO’

The IPO may be over, but there’s plenty of work left to do at Facebook. The board is going to [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 24 2012

5 Lessons from FedEx CEO Fred Smith

Fred Smith founded FedEx in 1971 with borrowed money and has grown it into a $42 billion company, so it’s safe to say he knows more than a little bit about management. Here are five lessons that CEOs can learn from Smith’s experiences. The first: don’t hide failures, use them to improve. CEO Briefing Newsletter May 18 2012

Why This Best-Selling Business Author & Owner Says He’ll Leave California

Once again, CEOs have voted California the worst state in the U.S. in which to do business. In our eighth [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 17 2012

CEO Trust Takes a Hit

Trust is the true coin of the realm in today’s cynical times. This is why Jamie Dimon’s unfortunate reversal may [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 17 2012

Facebook Founder Renounces US Citizenship: Why Are We Driving Away Entrepreneurs?

One of the founders of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, is going to save $67 million in taxes by renouncing his U.S. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 17 2012

Yahoo Scandal: What Does Your Bio Look Like?

You can’t turn around without hearing something about Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s resumé padding and fictional computer science degree— the [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 10 2012

Texas’ Best State for Business Win Not ‘Rocket Science’

Last week, Chief Executive released our list of the best and worst states in which to do business in 2012. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter May 10 2012

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